Hi, I'm
Joanne Senoren.

Software Engineer


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PawPad allows shelter runners a straight-forward approach in organizing dog records. Users can update dogs' details, such as shots and vaccinations in addition to basic information.

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Word Nerd

Word Nerd is a teaching platform that creates games as supplemental activities for vocabulary lessons. The app will generate a classroom game so students can have fun while reviewing their vocabulary.

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I worked with a 4-person development team to bring together frontend functionality and backend information in six weeks. iScholars serves as an educational tool for both teachers and students to manage, store, and evaluate classwork.

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REST Countries

I took styling guidelines and built an application that pulls from the REST Countries API. The application can be toggled between light and dark modes.

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An application that pulls from the PokeAPI. Designed to imitate an Pokedex. You can view the original 151 pokemon!

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Other Projects

I did the 30 projects in 30 days challenge. I wrote about them on Dev.to and you can also checkout my project list.

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As a former media strategist and elementary school teacher, you can say I have a pretty diverse background. I discovered my passion for web development when I frequently found myself looking to technology to build efficiencies in my day to day work. Through my experience querying data to create dashboards and building macros in PowerPoint slides, I realized that programming was the way to tangibly meet customized needs. I haven't looked back ever since!

I am an American expat living in Tbilisi, Georgia. When I'm not coding, you can often find me in our kitchen experimenting with different types of pie recipes, sipping coffee, going for walks, or attempting the Georgian language.

I enjoy mini-projects and you can read about them here.